Tema for masteroppgave:


TØI har fått et stort forskningsrådsprosjekt (2020-2025) om Veiprising, kalt Aplanet: Acceptable PoLicies for the optimAl balaNce between driving and activE Transport. Vi ønsker å knytte én eller flere masterstudenter til prosjektet. 

We are looking for master students in economics (preferably interested in environmental and/or behavioural economics) who are eager to learn new research methods (choice experiments, randomized controlled trials, gamification, app-based data collection) and familiarize themselves with new and policy-relevant subjects such as social norms, environmental and transport policy, and policy acceptability.

It is preferred, but not required, that candidates are open to write their master thesis in English and have some experience with data management and analysis (in Stata or R).

The master student will work closely with researchers at TØI carrying out literature review, data analysis while writing their master thesis.

Possible research questions (non-exhaustive list):

  • What is the role of social norms in people’s mode choice?
  • How large are the benefits of road pricing, and who will benefit and lose?
  • Does receiving information about ones driving costs impact their driving behaviour, evidence from a pilot study
  • Why are many people against environmental taxation? What makes a policy more acceptable?

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