Tema for masteroppgave:


TØI har fått et stort forskningsrådsprosjekt (2020-2025) om Bildeling, kalt CarNudge: The impact of parking policies and nudging on carsharing. Vi ønsker å knytte en eller flere mastergradsstudenter til prosjektet. 

We are looking for master students in economics (best if interested in environmental and/or behavioural economics) who are eager to learning new research methods (randomized controlled trials and nudging) and gain insights from a growing business and social innovation such as carsharing.

It is best, but not required, that candidates are open to write their master thesis in English and have some experience with data analysis (Stata or R).

The project has carried out a large scale randomized controlled experiment. The master student will work closely with researchers at TØI carrying out literature review, data analysis and writing scientific articles/reports.

Possible research questions (non-exhaustive list):

  • Nudging and carsharing, can a calculator nudge people into carsharing?
  • What makes people willing to sell/scrap their car and use a carsharing service instead?
  • Which business model is more relevant and for whom?
  • What makes a carsharing company succeed or perish? Insights from the Norvegian market.

Contact: Alice Ciccone,      Alice.Ciccone@toi.no


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