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Project EMPIRIC:

Workshop and site visit in Oslo October 3rd 2023

Researchers from the Transport and Mobility Research Team at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem i Czechia and from the Sustainable Urban Development and Mobility group at the Institute of Transport Economics – Norwegian Centre for Transport Research will meet in Oslo 3rd October to discuss research needs and gaps in Czechia and Norway and to formulate a framework for further development of a common project proposal. 

The project Emerging Issues in Sustainable and Effective Regional Mobility Planning and Research (EMPIRIC) focuses on emerging issues in mobility planning for smart and sustainable agglomerations and regions. Its main goal is to strengthen the research capacity in social sciences applied in sustainable and integrated transport and mobility planning in the engaged institutions. It builds on advanced Czech-Norwegian research cooperation, exchange of experience and good praxis.

The project raises a new concept of integrated, sustainable and innovative mobility planning at the regional scale. It is innovative in Czechia, where transport planning at this level consists mainly of the coordination and support of the public transport services and investments into road networks while integrating other transport modes and mobility services are not sufficiently coordinated and harmonised. A need to approach the transport problems differently arises especially now, in the post-covid period, in the times of energy and price uncertainty and climate change.

To reach the goal, the involved institutions will build on an exchange of knowledge and research findings and identify research gaps and needs of regions and cities, which will lead to the preparation of a joint research proposal between the involved institutions.

The project is financed by the Iceland – Lichtenstein – Norway grants.

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