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ON-AIR Guidance Book on the Integration of Noise in Road Planning

Forfattere: H Bendtsen, Jacob Fryd, Christian Popp, Sebastian Eggers, Jovana Dilas, Anders Tønnesen, Ronny Klæboe
Rapportnr: 8568/2017
Språk: English

The objective of this ON-AIR guidance book is to present tools and guidelines which can facilitate the integration of noise abatement into the three most common planning and management situations of national road administrations, as follows: 1. Planning of new roads and motorways; 2. Planning of reconstruction and enlargement of existing roads and motorways; and 3. Maintenance and management of existing roads and motorways. A holistic approach is applied by using the strategy of integrating noise considerations in the whole chain from strategic planning from Environmental Impact Assessment and detailed project development to management and maintenance of road infrastructure. The earlier potential noise problems are identified, addressed and mitigated in the road management planning process, the better the solutions and the cost effectiveness of noise abatement will normally be. Thus, the guidance book will facilitate more noise abatement for less money.


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