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  • Traffic safety among motorcyclists

    Survey results show that riders of so called Racing bikes (R-bikes) and riders younger than 19 years, especially youths riding light motorcycles (lesse than125 ccm) represent subgroups with particularly high accident risks in the Norwegian population of motorcyclists.

  • Many pedestrian crossings in Oslo should be upgraded or removed

    An inspection of 85 pedestrian crossings in 50 km/h zones on national roads in Oslo suggests that only 10 pedestrian crossings should be kept without changes, while 23 pedestrian crossings should be removed, 16 should be upgraded, 35 should be somewhat changed, and one should be moved.

  • Road traffic exposure and risk among high risk groups in Norway

    High-risk groups are defined as younger and older car drivers, drivers of motorcycles, foreign car drivers from non-western countries, and drivers influenced by drugs or alcohol (DUI-drivers). For motorcyclists our results show significantly lower exposure and higher risk figures than in previous studies. Young riders below 18 years riding on light motorcycles are at especially high risk in road traffic.

  • Subjective and Objective Safety

    A literature study of 54 safety measures that may affect vulnerable road users reveals that the effect on subjective safety has been studied directly for only 14 measures and indirectly for another 14 measures.

  • Accidents risk and traffic safety among immigrants

    The road accident risk is higher among immigrants from non-western countries than for Norwegians. Accidents risk is highest among drivers from the Middle East and Africa.

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