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Research project:

Safe Public Spaces

In the project "Reassuring measures for vibrant urban spaces" we wanted to increase knowledge about how to create safe and vibrant public spaces. The project resulted in policy recommendations for Oslo and other urban areas.

We investigated the effect of measures that helps create safe and vibrant public spaces.

These are some of the main findings:

  1. People felt more secure in parks after removing vegetation that blocked the immediate view.
  2. Those who considered the lighting of an area to be good also felt more secure. Improved lighting outside the Palace Park in Oslo caused increased pedestrian traffic.
  3. Deployment of the city furniture called "ebenk", with free Wi-Fi, charging possibilities and power for events, led to increased activity. "ebenk" was developed as part of this project. Other types of city furniture with activity-creating elements can also increase activity in urban spaces.
  4. Changed design of vehicle barriers did not affect the feeling of security of passers-by. Removal / modification of vehicle barriers to increase accessibility for pedestrians also increased pedestrian traffic.
  5. Deserted and abandoned areas can be perceived as unsecure. Nevertheless, public incivilities are seemingly more fear-inducing than deserted / abandoned areas.

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Project manager

Sunniva Frislid Meyer

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Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00