Vehicle barriers/terrorism protection

Despite visible changes in the design of the vehicle barriers in Akersgata outside the parliament and Keysers gate, interviews with passers-by show no change in sense of security.

Our analyzes also show that the respondents' ability to recognize terrorist measures / knowledge of terrorist measures also had no effect on how insecure they felt.

Nevertheless, the design of vehicle barriers has a clear effect on pedestrian traffic. Switching from boom barrier to bollards outside the parliament and switching from concrete blocks to bollards in Kongens gate, improved the accessibility for pedestrians. Video counting showed substantial changes in where people choose to go both places after the change of vehicle barriers.

In Keysers gate, the temporary concrete blocks were removed and painted concrete planters were deployed. Outside Akersgata 64, the temporary concrete blocks were replaced with painted concrete separators placed more streamlined. Both changes were primarily "cosmetic". Video counting showed minimal changes in pedestrian traffic in both places.

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