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Research project: ReCyCLIST

The project ReCyCLIST (Recording Cyclist Crashes and Long-term Injury Consequences by new Smart Tools) will develop and use a new tool to register accidents with bicycle, e-scooters and other forms of micro mobility.

Official accident statistics lack information on a large share of accidents and injuries for these road user groups. This is because most of the accidents are single accidents and not reported to the police. Thus, there is a need for better registration of accidents with bicycle, e-scooters and other forms of micro mobility. In addition, we do not know where such accidents happen or the short- and long-term health consequences for the injured.  

Accident and injury registration in Agder

ReCyCLIST will develop a digital registration tool: A short web-based questionnaire that patients fill inn when they come to the emergency ward, hospital or general practitioner after an accident. The questionnaire has an interactive map where the accident can be located and a street view function allowing exact identification of the problem (kerbstone, pothole etc.).

The accident registration in ReCyCLIST started on 1 June 2022 and is carried out in collaboration with hospitals and emergency wards in the cities Kristiansand, Arendal, and Flekkefjord. To recruit more patients to the accident registration, there are also posters with QR codes at other medical services in Agder county. 

The registration will continue until September 2023. Long-term consequences of accidents will be investigated by medical follow-up and questionnaires to participants after 3, 6 and 12 months. 

Actual and potential accident locations in Agder

In addition to register accidents and injuries in collaboration with hospitals and emergency wards, we will register actual and potential accident locations and mechanisms trough a survey to the general cyclist population. Participants will be recruited in collaboration with the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association. We will also collect data on reported problems and errors in the road network from the municipalities. 

Safety measures

Based on the results from the accident registration and cyclist survey, we will implement and evaluate safety measures for cyclist. This is a collaboration with project partners Trygg Trafikk, the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Agder, and Kristiansand.

Long-term consequences of cyclist injuries 

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, together with the National Trauma Register and Institute of Transport Economics, will carry out a retrospective study of the long-term consequences of cyclist injuries by joining information from multiple Norwegian registers. This study will be based on national data. 

ReCyCLIST is funded by the Research Council of Norway and Agder county.

The ReCyCLIST project has been presented internationally in British media and at the FERSI conference in The Hague in 2022.




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