Research project:

A-PLANET: Acceptable PoLicies for the optimAl balaNce between driving and activE Transport

The project aims to address the tradeoff between policy effectiveness and acceptability in the transport sector, in search for the optimal balance. 

A-PLANET focus on addressing the tradeoff between policy effectiveness and acceptability in the transport sector, in search for the optimal balance. This is an interdisciplinary project that will create new knowledge and sound empirical evidence that will help fill important knowledge gaps within transport, behavioral, environmental and political economics.

There are multiple challenges facing the transport sector. Norway aims at being a low-emissions society and is promoting low emissions vehicles, as well as walking and cycling in urban areas. Even though a high penetration of electric vehicles has its positive effects, a more energy-efficient car fleet does not solve all problems related to car driving. It may even lead to more congestion, as it reduces the competitiveness of public transportation, walking and cycling.

Novel policies, such as road pricing, can help strike a better balance between social costs and benefits. And new technologies and mobile apps development offer novel options for the introduction and testing of such policy tools.

Project period: March 2021 - March 2025.

Project plan

  • Develop a novel and comprehensive transport model to simulate the effects of different transport policies on our current transport system. This exercise will help identify optimal transport policies.
  • Investigate policy acceptability through online choice experiments in order to map factors that help improve the likelihood of success of policy implementation.
  • Integrate behavioral insights and factors associated with increased public acceptability directly in the design of new policy instruments, which will then be empirically tested through a large scale Randomized Controlled Trial in the field.
  • The combination of these results will generate important new insights that will provide a solid foundation for novel policy recommendations.

More information about APLANET on our Norwegian site

The team

Project owner: The institute of transport economics TØI

Partners: The University of Oslo UiO, the University Carlos III of Madrid UC3M

International expert panel from Norway, The Netherlands, Italy and Czech Repulic

Project structure

The A-PLANET project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council (315490, Research Project, Young research talents (FRIPRO), Groundbreaking research).


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0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00