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  • Equity effects of automobile taxation in Norway

    With a focus on equity effects, three CO2 abatement measures bearing on automobile taxation have been studied by means of network travel demand models and a discrete choice model for vehicle purchase.

  • Reducing emissions from transport

    A new report from Institute of Transport Economics - Norwegian Center for Transport Research shows that it is difficult to achieve significant emission reductions if measures only aimed at the demand side are applied.

  • Expecting more trips until 2050

    The number of trips is expected to increase until 2050. The car driver and air modes showing the highest growth rate, while the lowest rate applies to the bicycle mode.

  • Energy efficiency and CO2 Emissions in the Norwegian transport sector

    This report presents estimated potential for reduced energy use and CO2 emissions per passenger and tonne kilometre from 2004 to 2050. The potential for energy efficiency improvements and reductions in CO2 emissions are highest for light vehicles.

  • The traffic in the largest Norwegian cities

    Congestion and delays are major concerns for businesses and those who are dependent on transport of goods and services in urban areas. There are several challenges. The major ones are the increased cost of transportation and that it is difficult to schedule deliveries. Lack of reserved parking for deliveries and badly designed facilities at properties in central areas of the cities implies also challenges for the drivers.

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