Subjective and Objective Safety

A literature study of 54 safety measures that may affect vulnerable road users reveals that the effect on subjective safety has been studied directly for only 14 measures and indirectly for another 14 measures.

Supplementary theoretical considerations show that 70-80 % of the measures probably have a positive effect on subjective safety. 78 out of 125 submeasures are assessed to have a positive effect on both objective and subjective safety, while 25 have opposite effects on objective and subjective safety. Further investigation is relevant for at least 50 of the submeasures. One fourth of these measures are ranked as the measures most relevant for further studies.
Subjective and Objective Safety: The Effect of Road Safety Measures on Subjective Safety among Vulnerable Road Users. TØI report 1009/2009. Authors: Michael Sørensen and Marjan Mosslemi


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