Traffic safety among motorcyclists

Survey results show that riders of so called Racing bikes (R-bikes) and riders younger than 19 years, especially youths riding light motorcycles (lesse than125 ccm) represent subgroups with particularly high accident risks in the Norwegian population of motorcyclists.

Analyses of reports from the Accident Analysis Groups (AAG) of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that about half of the fatal accidents involve R-bikes. Nearly all of these fatal accidents with R-bikes involved speeding.

We have conducted a literature study and a dialogue meeting with mc-experts in order to consider various measures that could be directed to these subgroups with particularly high accident risks. From our survey, literature studies and the AAG material it seems fairly evident that high speed is the most important risk factor related to motorcycling, at least when it comes to the most serious accidents.

As a consequence, we conclude that measures directed to enforcing speed limits have the greatest potential. Increasing the frequency of police control is an obvious measure, as the current ATC-system fails to control motorcyclists. Other relevant measures include stricter regulations on the right to ride light motorcycles and economic incentives related to the ownership and use of certain motorcycles

Traffic safety among motorcyclists. Report  1075/20. Authors: Torkel Bjørnskau, Tor-Olav Nævestad, Juned Akhtar




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