The Institute of Transport Economics, Menon Economics and Vista Analysis

First International IMPACT workshop on Road investments, agglomeration and wider economic impacts

Monday 26 - Tuesday 27 November 2018

Oslo /Asker, Norway, Sem Hovedgård

The IMPACT project contains the following research objectives

  • provide solid empirical evidence on the relationship between agglomeration and productivity using Norwegian data.
  • provide new knowledge on the negative external effects in secondary markets of increased accessibility.
  • obtain new knowledge on how agglomeration effects from transportation infrastructure depend on local industry composition and geographic configuration.
  • bridge the gap between theoretical studies of agglomeration benefits and applied research in estimating agglomeration benefits and modelling agglomeration benefits.


Monday 26 November

1130: Arrival and lunch

1245 – 1315: Presentation of the project and objectives, Wiljar Hansen, TØI

1315 – 1400: Mapping all changes in travel times within a nation. What’s the point? Peter Aalen and Leo Grünfeld, Menon

1400 - 1420: Coffee break

1420 – 1505: Benefits of urban transport projects, Haakon Vennemo, Vista Analyse

1505 - 1550: Road networks and market access: Connecting theory with data, Kjetil Haukås, TØI

1550 -1610: Refreshments

1610 – 1655: Agglomeration, productivity and the role of transport system improvements: Lessons from Sweden, Maria Börjesson, VTI

1655 - 1800: Plenary discussion on the research frontier on traveling distance and productivity, Chair: Annegrete Bruvoll, Menon

1930 – 2200: Dinner

Tuesday 27 November

0900 – 0940: Interaction between multiple externalities: How to apply a consistent model? Annegrete Bruvoll, Menon

0945 – 1030: Transport-induced agglomeration effects, productivity and accessibility: Evidence from US metropolitan areas + TiTuSS, Patricia Melo, ISEG-University of Lisbon

1030-1050: Short break with fruit

1050-1120: Highway expansions: effects on local economic activity and population redistribution, evidence from Dutch highway projects, Jos van Ommeren, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – via Skype

1120 - 1200: Estimating the economic gains of road investments in South Norway – The full gains, Rasmus Holmen, TØI

1200 - 1245: Lunch

1245-1345: Meeting and discussions with user institutions


Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

Postboks 8600 Majorstua, 0359 Oslo






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