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15 percent of the cycling in Norway is off-road

A survey among cyclists in Norway shows that about 15 percent of the cycling takes place off-road.

The risk of being involved in a bicycle accident is higher in traffic (62 accidents per million km) than off-road (48 accidents per million km).

For injuries involving medical treatment, the risk is slightly higher for off-road cycling (18 accident per million km) than for cycling in traffic (16 accidents per million km).

The risk estimates are calculated from self-reported data on cycling and accidents in a sample of approx. 6 000 cyclists. Among these, the travel distance is 3.3 kilometers a day. Single accident occurs most often (seven out of ten). Only 16 percent of the bicycle accidents with medical treatment (in our sample) are reported to the police and hereby included in the official records of accidents.

Bicycle use - in traffic and off-road Exposure and accident involvement. TØI Report 1565/2017
Author: Hanne Beate Sundfør. Norwegian language with summary in English.


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