Research project:

MikroReg: Knowledge building for sustainable regulation of shared e-scooters

Mikroreg will build knowledge so that cities can regulate the e-scooter market to stimulate further innovation and societal benefits as well as safeguard other important societal goals so that the result is an enrichment for the cities.

The market for shared e-scooters has exploded. Their usefulness is reflected in the large number of rides, the majority of which take place in combination with other means of transport and especially public transport. At the same time, e-scooters have posed major challenges for the authorities.

Challenges: The most visible challenges are littering, incorrect parking and traffic accidents - and to identify policies which can reduce these problems. In addition, there is an unresolved legal situation with regard to the extent to which cities can regulate the market. Digital competence is another challenge, as much of the regulation and information exchange takes place online and digitally. The topics are high on the political agenda and to some extent acute. At the same time, the knowledge and factual basis is both lacking and changing continuously.

About the project

The aim of this project is to build knowledge so that cities can regulate the e-scooter market in a way that stimulates further innovation and societal benefits, and at the same time safeguard other important societal goals so that the result is an enrichment for the cities.

MikroReg shall build knowledge needed to make informed decisions on the regulation of e-scooter markets. This includes

  • mapping causal relationships
  • calculating the impact of measures that address these challenges
  • analysis of substitution and complementarities vis-à-vis other transport modes
  • analysis of the supply side, ranging from global players to local start-ups
  • exploration and testing new uses of sensors and accurate GPS
  • And most importantly: We will implement, evaluate and adjust pilots in the project's partner cities

MikroReg will build knowledge, experience and competence in which local, regional and central authorities will apply. Their regulation and policies shall safeguard traffic safety and economic and environmental sustainability, and be future-oriented by facilitating further innovation and new business models to solve challenges. One goal is to take advantage of the possibilities for automating regulation and enforcement.

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and owned by Oslo municipality’s Agency for Urban Environment. Several other local municipalities are partners in the project, as well as national organizations and public transport authorities (see full list below). In addition, shared e-scooter companies and other private companies that engage in the e-scooter market are invited to participate in the project. This broad cooperation between research partners, public partners and private companies ensures a good exchange of knowledge, experience and data, as well as strengthens the dissemination and application of results.  

The project started in 2021 and runs till December 2024

Project owner

Agency for Urban Environment, Oslo municipality

Project partners

Institute of Transport Economics

Oslo University Hospital HF Oslo Accident and Emergency Department

Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Viken county municipality


Bergen municipality

Drammen municipality

Trondheim municipality






Contact at TØI

Project Manager Nils Fearnley


Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 57 38 00