Competence Area:

The Taxi Market - Orgainzation and Competition

Efficient taxi services at the right price is important for society. Public authorities have a major challenge when it comes to organizing the taxi industry in a good way. It differs from other public transport services both in terms of number of actors and how the industry is regulated. The counties are responsible for awarding licenses, as well as being one of the biggest purchasers of taxi services to school transport.

TØI has high expertise on the taxi market and in conducting various analyzes related to regulation and organization of the industry on behalf of local and central government and the taxi industry itself. The analyzes are often part of a decision process where the government wants to assess whether changes can provide better services at a more affordable price. These are examples of topics and issues TØI studies:

  • Competition: Which submarkets are object to competition, and who are the competitors?
  • Means testing: How many licenses are necessary? How many taxi centrals are necessary? What are the consequences of changing the current license numbers?
  • Tariffs: Exemptions from maximum price regulations
  • Work environment
  • Consequences of changing conditions

In recent years, TØI has conducted such analyses for several clients, including: The Norwegian Taxi Association, Ministry of Transport, Buskerud County, Telemark County, Troms County, South Trøndelag County, Østfold County, Vestfold County and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.


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