Competence Area:

Organization and Policy

Changes in the use of market mechanisms and regulation tools simultaneously changes the requirements and objectives of institutions designing and implementing policies. Authorities and users put forward new demands on environmental and climate concerns, universal design, work environment and technical solutions.

Political and institutional goal conflicts arise. Many transport-related decisions are also made under a considerable degree of risk and uncertainty related to the impact of the measures. This creates a need for knowledge on how institutions act, conditions for coordination between institutions, and strategies for managing and reducing risk and uncertainty in decision making.

TØI studies institutions, including studies on structures and responsibilities between actors and administrative levels, and institutional logics. We also study various forms of governance and coordination between institutions; including hierarchy, market, performance management, and meta-governance. This includes, for example governance through urban environmental agreements, and various forms of management by objectives and results.

TØI provides analyses of decision making processes, such as the National Transport Plan, including political and institutional conflicts of objectives, how power is defined and arise, and how policies are implemented.

TØI also provides research on when and how risks and uncertainties occur in decision making, and the consequences this entails. We also provide strategies to reduce risk and uncertainty.


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