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Road pricing and toll financing with examples from Oslo and Stockholm

Forfattere: Farideh Ramjerdi
Rapportnr: 302/1995
ISBN: 82-7133-943-5
Språk: English
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The theme of the five essays of this thesis is road pricing and toll financing in urban areas. The first essay presents some important economic concepts that have a bearing on the provision of roads and road pricing. A brief description of the scope of the impacts of a road pricing scheme is presented. Essay number two compares alternative specifications of logit models of mode choice. Their implications are demonstrated by calculating the benefits to different socio-economic groups from a toll scheme for Stockholm. In essay number three a theoretical framework for the evaluation of road projects financed through road pricing is presented. This would allow for the incorporation of the marginal cost of public funds in the evaluations. The last two essays present an evaluation of the impact of the Oslo toll scheme on tour frequency, trip chaining, mode choice, destination choice and house prices. This evaluation is based on a two-wave panel study conducted before and after the introduction of the toll scheme. The impacts of the toll scheme on tour frequency and trip generation are addressed by a linear regression model to describe tour frequency and a recursive model structure to describe work trip generation, discretionary trip generation and tour frequency.


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