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Infrastructure design

Road markings for cyclists provides information to different road user groups and tells about legal and physical regulations.

Little research has focused on how the asphalt markings and colors affects the extent of cycling. Working in close co-operation with Oslo City Council, we collected count data in specific roads before and after the implementation of red cycle lanes.

Initial results indicate that red asphalt can get more people to choose a particular bike path, but we do not see any changes in the perceived "legibility" when we interview people before and after the asphalt is added. One possible explanation may be that the effect is so subtle that people do not notice that they are affected by it. Nevertheless, interviewed people report experiencing the red asphalt as safer.

Another interesting case is to look at "support racks" in front of crossing for cyclists as a possible case for nudging. These are meant to make it more comfortable for the cyclists, but can they also contribute to fewer cyclists crossing against red light. Initial results from video analyzes of two main intersections in Oslo indicate that.


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