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New mobile communication tools on everyday travels

Travellers’ in the cities of Oslo and Trondheim in Norway have largely adopted the new technology, although there are significant differences related to gender, age and status at the workplace.

Mobile communication technology, combined with broadband wireless networks and new content services have given everyday travellers new options for how to use their travel time.

The purpose of this study is to obtain more insight into what kind of mobile technologies travellers bring along on their journeys, how it is used, and how this affects their general use of travel time. The analysis is also directed towards developing a tentative categorization of travellers based on an exploratory cluster analysis.

The analysis is based on an online survey of travelers in Oslo / Akershus and Norway, conducted from September to October 2013. Net sample includes 1,650 informants where of 1,139 are in Oslo/Akershus and 483 in Norway. Further 28 people lived elsewhere in the country.

The report is written in Norwegian, but you can find an English summary here.



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