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Commuting by car is one of the main challenges in Norwegian urban areas. The White Paper 26, 2012-2013 (NTP) states that any future growth in person transport in the larger cities should be absorbed by public transport, cycling and walking.

In order to realize such an ambitious goal, the government wants to implement measures to stimulate ‘green’ person transport, and one of the popular measures towards this end is through extending financial support for policy packages in the city-networks.

COMMUTE will provide knowledge on the current and proposed policies by assessing the effectiveness of measures that can be further included in such packages in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Additionally, COMMUTE will emphasise on the paths of adoption for such measures, which will be a vital input for making decisions on policy packaging by the cities

The project will provide new knowledge about commuting, and analyzing which measures can be both acceptable and effective for developing sustainable transport solutions in these areas.

The project is organized in five work packages. A multi-method approach will be used, and several disciplines will work in the project. The project is a cooperation between Institute of Transport Economics and Institute of Political Science, University of Oslo.

An international expert group will follow the project, and a network of national and local users/stakeholders is established. Results will be published as articles in refereed journals and a synthesis report, together with presentations in in popular publications, at seminars and conferences.

Project period


Commute team

Susanne Nordbakke (project leader)

Øystein Engebretsen

Tanu Priya Uteng

Julie Runde Krogstad

Petter Christiansen (Ph.d. candidate)

From University of Oslo

Professor Larry Rose

International expert group

Claudia Nobis, DLR, Deutshes Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfart

Tim Schwanen, University of Oxford

Martin Djist, Utrecht University

Bertil Vilhelmson, University of Gothenburg


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