Research project:

SmartChange: Smart data for greener transport

Smart data for greener transport – potentials and pitfalls in evaluating behavioral changes.

The main aim of this project is to develop, test and verify new methods in applying Big Data to evaluate changes in travel behavior that are caused by policy interventions or extreme events.

The project will apply the methods to two cases of pollution and congestion reducing measures; the introduction of congestion charges and the introduction of increased parking restrictions for cars in Oslo.

As a secondary objective, the project will address ethical issues related to the application of Big Data for research- and policy purposes.

Finally, the project will present policy recommendations for implementation of Big Data for evaluation purposes.

The project is funded from the Norwegian Research Council for 4 years.

Duration: 2017-2020.

The project brings together a young and interdisciplinary research team from the Institute of Transport Economics under the supervision of an experienced leaders and an international expert group with long research records and extensive experience on transport research based on big and new data sources.

SmartChange will be a valuable contribution to the “development and improvement of the quality of Norwegian research and development environments” in the research area of Big Data for smarter cities.

Partners in the Project 

1) Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), 2) University of Twente, 3) University of Tartu and 4) Free University of Amsterdam.

Furthermore, a user group (IBM, Telenor, ITS Norway, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norwegian Automobile association and Akershus county) will be connected to the project to ensure that the project results are relevant for stakeholders in the transport sector.

The user group has committed to meet the researchers in the project at least once per year during the research period to contribute with input on the design and progress of the project. Furthermore, SmartChange will, in collaboration with the user group, establish a Norwegian network for Big Data research and policy evaluation in the transport sector.

Research Team

From TØI:  Farideh Ramjerdi (PhD, economist), Fredrik Alexander Gregersen (PhD, economist), Rikke Ingebrigtsen (PhD, statistician), Christian Weber (PhD, physicist) and Tom Erik Julsrud (PhD, sociologist).  

Apart from the researchers at TØI, an expert group composed of Professor Rein Ahas (University of Tartu), Professor and President of the Cartographic association Menno-Jan Kraak (University of Twente) and Professor Erik T. Verhoef (VU University Amsterdam) will take part in the project.







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