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Quality Assurance of the New Swedish Public Emergency Network, Rakel G2

Authors: Rasmus Bøgh Holmen, Harald Wium Lie, Inge Mossige, Amund Kvalbein, Anders Ågotnes, Espen Sørli, Guri Natalie Jordbakke, Jostein Tvedt, Lars Juvik, Sunniva Frislid Meyer
Report nr: 1972/2023
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1422-5
Language: English
Attachments Summary, pdf
Full report, pdf
Sammanfattning, pdf

In this investigation report, we quality assure the new Swedish “public protection and disaster relief” (PPDR) network project, Rakel Second Generation (Rakel G2). Rakel G2 is planned as a hybrid network, where a state-owned core network is connected to one or more commercial mobile networks through a so-called “multi-operator core network” (MOCN) solution. The new 5G-based network will provide ordinary data services including video in addition to push-to-talk and messages. Key users will include ambulance services, fire services, sea rescue services and the police. Our mandate is to conduct an evaluation of the planned infrastructure project, applying adapted methodologies from the Norwegian quality assurance scheme for large national government investment projects. The quality assurance includes a project cost analysis, uncertainty analyses, quality assurance of the project preparations, and analyses of impacts external to the infrastructure.


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