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NTP minus public transport = ntp?

Authors: Oddgeir Osland, Frode Longva, Arvid Strand
Report nr: 953/2008
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0869-9
Language: Norwegian
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In this working paper we discuss how public transport is handled within the frames of the new NTP (National Transport Plan) in Norway. The document concludes that several of the most important measures for further PT development are not included in the plan, due to its focus on infrastructural matters only. This refers to the procurement and financing of public transport services; the coordination between infrastructural and service related measures; and the coordination between service levels, infrastructure investments and local and regional land use. Hence, we suggest to develop a National Public Transport Plan during the forthcoming NTP-process. Alternatively, a chapter devoted to public transport on roads should be included in the NTP.


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