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Localisation of national public sector enterprises – where and why?

Authors: Aud Tennøy, Marianne Knapskog, Frants Gundersen, Oddrun Helen Hagen, Eva-Gurine Skartland, Kjersti Visnes Øksenholt
Report nr: 1576/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2065-3
Language: Norwegian
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This is a study of where national public sector enterprises that were either moved or established in the period 2005-2016 were located, and whether these locations are in line with national guidelines for coordinated land use and transport planning. We found that 63 percent of businesses and 59 percent of employees were located in accordance with the guidelines. There is no systematic variation between localisation and city size, but there is great variation between different sectors. In 2011-2016, national public sector enterprises and employees were to a lesser extent located in accordance with the planning guidelines compared to 2005 - 2010. We also found that it is mostly the enterprises themselves that make the decision of where to locate. Localisation is often not an important criterion, and other criteria are considered more important. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration stands out by placing strong emphasis on localisation that reduces car dependence.


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