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Green Trucking? Technology status, costs, user experiences

Authors: Daniel Ruben Pinchasik, Erik Figenbaum, Inger Beate Hovi, Astrid Helene Amundsen
Report nr: 1855/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2397-5
Language: Norwegian
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While battery-electric passenger cars now make up the majority of new car sales in Norway, electric vans are about 5 years behind in development, especially for heavy vans. Electrification of truck transport is still in an early phase, but after the first series-produced vehicles were introduced on the Norwegian market in June 2020, the number of registered electric trucks has accelerated and amounted to 75 cars in August 2021. This report provides a review of the market and technological status of zero-emission vans, trucks and buses, as well as the situation also for biogas and biodiesel. Cost calculations of total ownership costs for various propulsion technologies for truck transport are also presented. In addition, user experiences from the first series-produced electric trucks are summarized. The feedback is that with some adjustments in the operating system, much of the local and regional transport can be operated with the current vehicle technology, but an efficient operating system requires access to fast chargers.


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