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Evaluation of Norwegian trials with European Modular System (EMS) vehicles

Authors: Paal Brevik Wangsness, Torkel Bjørnskau, Inger Beate Hovi, Anne Madslien, Rolf Hagman
Report nr: 1319/2014
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1523-9
Language: Norwegian
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The actual usage of EMS-trucks in the Norwegian transport sector during the time period of 2008-2013 throughout the Norwegian trail period for EMS-trucks transport sector has been relatively low. However, transporters that have been using EMS have experienced considerable cost savings, primarily because they can transport the same amount of goods with fewer trucks. These firm-level cost savings are by far the largest components of the wider economic benefits. These efficiency improvements also cause reductions in environmental costs for a given transport volume. EMS also appears to give small improvements in traffic safety and traffic flow, since one EMS seems to replace between 1.2 and 1.5 regular trucks on the road. After subtracting the administrative costs of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the cost-benefit –analysis concludes that the net present value of the trail period between 2008-2013 is between 34 and 126 million NOK. The range of net benefits shows that the estimation is done with a large degree of uncertainty, but even the lowest estimate show positive socio-economic benefits. We have used a national freight transport model to analyse the effects of further expansion of the allowed roads for EMS. The results show that EMS can be expected to give a considerable shift in transport from regular trucks to EMS, and a moderate shift in transport from sea and rail to EMS. The net effect, however, is estimated to be fewer freight trucks on the road.


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