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Cross-modal safety in the transport sector

Authors: Tonje Grunnan, Torkel Bjørnskau, Marika Kolbenstvedt
Report nr: 954/2008
ISBN: 978-82-480-0870-5
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0871-2
Language: Norwegian
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A cross-modal safety policy involving the coordinated development of security and safety measures can benefit the transport sector and help reduce those unforeseen consequences inherent in traditional sector focused politics. Security measures developed with an intra-modal focus, while intended to prevent accidents and potential incidents, may merely result in the migration of both risk factors and traffic to other modes. Vulnerability to new and old risks, cross-modal dependencies, and the challenges associated with New Public Management are further arguments for the cross-modal management of safety and security. While the Norwegian transport authorities must follow international safety and security regulations, there remain several ways in which they can be steered by The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. These include budget allocations, safety and security targets put forward in letters of instruction, and the National Transport Plan. The Transport Inspectorates also function as steering instruments. A proposed strategy for achieving improved cross-modal safety includes stronger forms of governing through the use of uniform inspectorates, a stronger focus on safety and security in the management of the subordinate agencies, and the establishment of a cross-modal working group.


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