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  • > Breakthrough for Electric vehicles! Oslo 11-12 June 2015

International Conference - Learnings from a European full-scale laboratory

Breakthrough for Electric vehicles! Oslo 11-12 June 2015

The presentations from the conference are now available. See links in the programme.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a hot issue in Europe among transport policy makers, manufacturers and users. In Norway generous incentives have created the largest market for electric cars in the world, with a market share of 12,5 percent of new vehicle sales in 2014 - and rapidly increasing i 2015. This electromobility conference will present the status for electric vehicles in Norway and Europe, policy and incentives - and discuss the road ahead.

We present results from the EU research project COMPETT (Competitive Electric Town Transport). Some important research questions: How can EVS come into use to a greater degree? What are the most likely niches for EVs? What kind of EVs can most easily become alternatives to internal combustion engine vehicles?

Thursday 11 June

09:00-10:00: Registration

Chair: Lasse Fridstrøm

10:00-11:15: EV Policy for the future

Gunnar Lindberg Stian Berger Røsland  

Per-André Torper



11:30-13:00 EV Policy for the future continues

  Olivier Paturet   Dorothée Coucharrière

14:00-15:30: Status for electric vehicles. Results from the EU research project COMPETT

Erik Figenbaum     Reinhard Jellinek

15:45-17:00 Market and trends

Randi Hjorthol   Marika Kolbenstvedt Nils Fearnley








17:15-18:00: Refreshments

Nissan, KIA and Mitsubishi present their products.

18:00 and onwards: Dinner, CIENS Centre Rooftop

Friday 12 June

Chair: Harald Aas

08:45-10:00 The Infrastructure challenge

Petter Øyn Christina Bu Jan Haugen Ihle Sture Portvik


10:15-11:15 Sustainability factors

  Lykke Møller Iversen   Lasse Fridstrøm

11:30-12:45 The next EVolution

Bernt Reitan Jenssen   Gunnar Inderberg Aslak Fyhri

12:45-13:00 Wrap-up/Future research

13:00 Lunch - end of conference









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