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Low occurence of drink-driving with heavy vehicles

The prevalence of drink-driving among drivers of heavy vehicles is low in Norway.

An estimated 0.005 – 0.25 per cent of all driving of heavy vehicles in Norway is carried out by drivers having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the legal limit of 0.02 per cent. The conclutsion is based upon breath tests of 2836 heavy-vehicle drivers checked by the Mobile Police. One of these drivers had a BAC above 0.02 per cent.

Also among heavy vehicle drivers involved in fatal accidents the prevalence of drink-driving is low, between 0.0 and 1.21 per cent. The estimate is based on data from 232 fatal accidents involving a total of 247 heavy vehicles from 2005 through 2008, described by the Accident Analysis Groups of the National Public Roads Administration.

Data from other sources also indicate that the prevalence of drink-driving among drivers of heavy vehicles is low, but references in media show that the prevalence is above zero.

Drink-driving with heavy vehicles. Prevalence, accident risk and possible countermeasures. TØI report 1021/2009
Authors: Terje Assum, Alena Erke


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