Coping with Climate: Assessing Policies for Climate Change Adoption and Transport Sector Mitigation in Indian Cities

CLIMATRANS project will assesses climate change and environmental impacts related to the urban transport sector in India with an aim to develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for the sector. In addition, the project also aims to provide knowledge that would support improving the institutional capacities involved in climate decision-making strategies.

The Indian transport system is one of the largest in the world. The demand for mobility and the energy use for the transport sector has increased with the rapid growth of economic activity. India is experiencing a dramatic increase in urbanisation and increase in car ownership, resulting in negative impacts such as congestion, noise, local and global emission of pollutants and traffic accidents. The urban poor are particularly exposed to these negative impacts, in addition to other climate related harms and disasters. While transport sector is pivotal for economic competitiveness, its role in addressing social fairness and environmental sustainability demands equal emphasis  in decision-making.

CLIMATRANS is multi theoretical and interdisciplinary project within the realm of social and natural sciences. It is also a collaboration between two Norwegian and four Indian research environments.

India’s three largest cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have been selected as the case cities.

Project manager

Farideh Ramjerdi


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0349 Oslo, Norway

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