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Travel time at sea from Hasvik. Effects of a new port of call at Langnes

Authors: Frants Gundersen, Bjørg Langset Flotve
Report nr: 1735/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2283-1
Language: Norwegian
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Hasvik municipality is located on Sørøya island and is totally dependent on a good ferry service to the mainland. The municipality is currently connected to the mainland via the ferry connection Hasvik – Øksfjord (in the municipality of Loppa). The municipal administration wants to investigate what advantages and disadvantages a possible relocation of the port of call on the mainland to Langnes in Alta municipality will bring. This report is part of such a study, and primarily highlights travel times, reliability / accessibility and the ferry service's status as a county or national road connection. The most important argument for establishing a new ferry port at Langnes, a little south of the Isnestoften in Alta municipality, is that the traffic from Hasvik thus can avoid the Øksfjord – Langfjordbotn road. Cars (especially trailers), that stand across the road because they do not cope with the combination of turns, climb and narrow road, create uncertainty about the accessibility for both passenger and freight traffic. Moving the port of call to Langnes does not in principle provide any savings in travel time. The speed of future ferries is crucial; with a faster ferry, travel time to Alta will be reduced.


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