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Transport security and the protection of privacy

Authors: Torkel Bjørnskau, Mattias Gripsrud, Tonje Grunnan, Tore Leite
Report nr: 914/2007
ISBN: 978-82-480-0799-9
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-0800-2
Language: Norwegian
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The 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US have resulted in a number of new regulations and anti-terrorist measures in the transport sector, especially within aviation and sea transport. Countermeasures adopted in Norway are for the most part implementations of international regulations. Among Norwegian transport actors, privacy rights and data protection rights are not very high on the agenda, except in aviation, where privacy implications of security measures are acknowledged. In other transport modes, privacy issues are mainly discussed with reference to ordinary safety measures and with reference to the rights of own employees. Most security measures have privacy implications. Access control and security checks challenge the right to privacy; surveillance and registration may violate people’s data protection rights. Data may be registered without consent and without knowledge of the information collected, and without possibility for individuals to check the information collected about them. These issues are also problematic within our democratic legal tradition. Strong procedural regulations related to data collection and registration in this area may to some extent mitigate these problems.


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