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The welfare value of leisure air travel abroad

Authors: Eivind Farstad, Jan Vidar Haukeland, Knut Veisten, Jon Martin Denstadli
Report nr: 1634/2018
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2144-5
Language: Norwegian
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Holiday and leisure trips with flights abroad are carried out to enjoy time with friends and family, experience something new or new places, relax and “charge the batteries”, get away from everyday life, and experience warmer, more sunny climate than home. Many think it is relatively affordable to fly, and a large proportion expresses willingness to pay relatively high for the flights. About three out of ten would still have traveled if the trip was twice as expensive. About half of the respondents can accept increased fees, and most of these are for earmarking of any fees for climate purposes. Relatively few believe that information on climate impacts of the flights will affect the decision to travel, and few believe that what they possibly do of environmental efforts in daily life will compensate for the climate effects of flying.


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