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The seamless transport system – a pilot study

Authors: Inge Brechan, Randi Hjorthol, Frode Longva, Liva Vågane
Report nr: 1154/2011
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1243-6
Language: Norwegian
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Among commuters between Akershus and Oslo the percentage of car users is highest for those living in Akershus and working in the outer parts of Oslo. Analyses show that inhabitants of Asker and Bærum (west of Oslo) have their work places concentrated to the western and northern parts of Oslo. A large share of people living in Romerike (north-east of Oslo) work in Groruddalen, but they also commute to the western part of the city. A significant portion of people living in Follo (south of Oslo) works in the city centre. Calculations of the effect of an increased car occupancy rate have been done for these different distances. Different measures to reduce car use have been evaluated. In a main project several scenarios consisting of combinations of measures will be tested.


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