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The organisation of road safety work in Norway

Authors: Silvia Johanne Olsen, Marika Kolbenstvedt, Inger-Anne Ravlum
Report nr: 831/2006
ISBN: 82-480-0629-8
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0630-1
Language: Norwegian
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The Institute of Transport Economics has studied the organisation of road safety work at the regional offices of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. There are considerable differences in how the regions carry out and organise their road safety work. In some regions, road safety considerations appear to be strongly integrated in the entire approach and working methods of the organisation, while other regions apply a somewhat narrow definition of the road safety concept. The regions applying the broader definition also succeed better in their road safety work. Formal organisational characteristics do not seem to make any difference with respect to the efficiency of the road safety work carried out.


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