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The Norwegian national travel survey 2018/19 – key results

Authors: Berit Grue, Iratxe Landa-Mata, Bjørg Langset Flotve
Report nr: 1835/2021
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2368-5
Language: Norwegian
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In the Norwegian national travel survey, nearly 90.000 persons from age 13 was interviewed during 2018-2019. All daily travel activity was surveyed, covering all transport modes and travel distances. New data collection methods have evolved over the years of surveying travel. Thus, changes in figures compared to earlier publications cannot solely be related actual shifts in the populations’ travel behaviour. In 2018/19, new interview methods may have contributed to reduce trip volume, both by capturing more nontravelers, as well as some underreporting of short errands. As a result, the 2018/19 data comprises fewer and in average longer trips than the preceding 2013/14 survey material. In 2018/19 the average total travel distance and time per day per person was 43,2 km and 71 minutes. Due to a higher share of nontravelers these estimates are somewhat lower than in 2013/14. Among the travelers, travel time and distance was similar to 2013/14.


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