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Systematic, knowledge-based and transparent planning analyses

Authors: Aud Tennøy, Kjersti Visnes Øksenholt, Oddrun Helen Hagen
Report nr: 1594/2017
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1488-1
Language: Norwegian
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In this report we discuss how planning analyses can be more systematic, knowledge-based and transparent, which are important prerequisites for making plans that allow land use and transport development to help achieve defined goals. We review and discuss some key topics related to planning analyses, and define criteria we think planning analyses should satisfy to be systematic, knowledge-based and transparent. Based on this, we describe a method we have called 'systematic planning reasoning'. We investigate whether Norwegian planning analyses are in line with the criteria, and find that the improvement potential is greatest in describing and following a systematic approach, explaining the central cause-effecting relations that underlie planning work, providing references to documented knowledge, define zero-alternative and explain why one alternative is recommended.


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