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Speed models for bicycle and e-bike

Authors: Stefan Flügel, Nina Hulleberg, Aslak Fyhri, Christian Weber, Grétar Ævarsson, Eva-Gurine Skartland
Report nr: 1557/2017
ISBN: 978-82-480-2052-3
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1886-5
Language: Norwegian
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TØI has - commissioned by the Public Roads Administration - established empirical speed models for bicycle and e-bike. The data streams from GPS observations that we have linked to the official road network in Oslo. The speed models describes average speed on a network link as a function of several explanatory variables. All key parameter estimates have expected sign and magnitude. We find for instance that one rides faster with e-bikes than with ordinary bicycle, especially uphill, and that the speed is higher when bicycle traffic is separated from cars and pedestrians. The model has been implemented for the Oslo network and can – with some reservations – also be used for other regions in Norway. It gives the basis to include the speed model in the regional transport models in Norway.


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