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Smart mobility and smart business

Authors: Bjørn Klimek, Jørgen Aarhaug, Tale Ørving, Frants Gundersen
Report nr: 1695/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2229-9
Language: Norwegian
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This report provides input to the Norwegian Research Council's strategy process Transport21. The report is the second part of a broader project. The report collects input from a total of 27 sector representatives in the Norwegian transport industry with the aim of identifying a knowledge status among the experts on future business development opportunities in smart mobility. The report presents results from two focus group discussions and 13 individual interviews. The interview material is expanded with a discussion on transport-related business statistics. The analysis shows that sector representatives today have no systematized and structured perceptions for tomorrow's business sector in smart mobility. The discussions, however, point to some common challenges that Norway faces. The experts see many individual innovations or R&D environments, but do not have clear views about which of these will actually grow. Comparative advantages can lie in related sectors such as power and maritime. Startup companies consider the Norwegian market to be demanding for upscaling and the political incentives must systematize based on a more structured analysis of comparative advantages.


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