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Road user interactions. A survey from nine urban areas in Norway

Authors: Katrine Karlsen, Torkel Bjørnskau
Report nr: 1771/2020
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1833-9
Language: Norwegian
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Interaction in traffic is a recurring issue and this survey reveals which challenges pedestrians, cyclists and motorists experience when interacting with each other. The results show that although many experience the interaction with others as safe and smooth, some groups stand out. Cyclists feel less safe, and more frustrated, when faced with various motor vehicles (particularly trucks and buses), while both motorists and pedestrians feel less safe and more frustrated when interacting with both cyclists and e-scooter riders. There are some recurring problems, such as uncomfortably close overtakings, failure to yield and inadequate use of light-reflective items or clothing and lights. There is also a lack of knowledge about yielding rules for cyclists, as well as which rules apply for cycling in pedestrian streets and for the use of e-scooters. Information and attitude campaigns, preferably in cooperation with the police, could target yielding rules, direction signalling and blind spots.


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