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Road traffic risk in Norway 2013/14

Authors: Torkel Bjørnskau
Report nr: 1448/2015
ISBN: 978-82-480-1710-3
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1675-5
Language: Norwegian
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The report presents new estimates of road traffic risks in Norway according to road user groups, age and gender. Exposure data are collected from the national Norwegian travel survey 2013/14 and annual reports of transport performance in Norway given by the Institute of Transport Economics. Accident data are collected from Statistics Norway (SSB) and from annual reports of road accidents collected by the major Norwegian insurance companies (TRAST). In addition, data on injured cyclists collected by Oslo University hospital have been used. The results show that road traffic risks have decreased steadily over time in Norway. Two-wheelers and pedestrians are most at risk, car drivers and passengers are least at risk. Young and elderly road users are more at risk than other age groups, but the differences between age groups have been reduced during later years. The risk of personal injury for car occupants is especially high on Saturday night, but this elevated risk is also lower than earlier. Especially young drivers are now less at risk during the night than before. For most road user subgroups (by age/gender) we find significant risk reductions from one period to the next. However, there are only modest improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians during later years.


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