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Retail location and transport. Knowledge on shopping trips

Authors: Øystein Engebretsen, Jan U Hanssen, Arvid Strand
Report nr: 1080/2010
ISBN: 978-82-480-1100-2
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1097-5
Language: Norwegian
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The project's aim is to obtain more detailed knowledge of traffic patterns connected with different locations of retail outlets. On the basis of data from the 2005 Norwegian Travel Survey, we have documented and analyzed (a) transportation to and from stores of varying size, type and location, and (b) the population's travel habits in connection with retail. There is more use of car on shopping trips than for trips in total. As would be expected, the average length of the retail trip is considerably shorter for residents in the most densely populated urban areas than in the less densely populated. For shopping centers in the metropolitan regions, the choice of center and transport mode depends on the center's size, distance to the city center, population density (around the mall), competitive conditions and the downtown location. Our results suggest that future localization analysis of shopping centers should be multidimensional. They should record the information about the settlement patterns and urban structure and take into account the type of center, center size and the center's reach.


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