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Remarks to retail analysis for Larvik

Authors: Aud Tennøy
Report nr: 1302/2014
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1502-4
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Hele rapporten

A retail analysis was comissioned by Larvik Municipality in autumn 2013, where consequences for the retail in the city centre of eight different scenarios for retail development outside the city center were analyzed. The analysis and the results became issues of discussion. Larvik municipality therefore asked the Institute of Transport Economics to assess the retail analysis, and write this remark. The main remarks are that the retail analysis is not easily understandable and that it is not transparent. Key assumptions are critically discussed, and alternative assumptions are suggested. The main conclusion is that the retail analysis most likely underestimates the negative impacts on retail in the city centre. The report should be read in conjunction with trade analysis it is commenting.


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