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Procurement and contracts for local bus services

Authors: Jon-Terje Bekken, Nils Fearnley, Edvin Frøysadal, Frode Longva, Oddgeir Osland
Report nr: 819/2006
ISBN: 82-480-0603-4
ISBN (digital version): 82-480-0604-2
Language: Norwegian
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The main aim of this project has been to map different forms of procurement and contracts for local bus services and in particular the effects of the introduction of competitive tendering since 1994. The most important conclusion is that the current competitive regime has up until now resulted in a development which has encouraged competition. Exposure to competition has contributed to cost effectiveness which is largely derived in the form of reduced subsidies. The difference between gross and net contracts is largely nominal and of lesser practical significance. Counties that have chosen a regime with a mixture of tenders and negotiated contracts appear to have experienced a less favourable development.


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