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National Monitor for Tourism - preliminary project

Authors: Petter Dybedal, Anniken Enger, Frants Gundersen, Amund Kordt, Rolf Røtnes
Report nr: 1920/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1976-3
Language: Norwegian
Attachments Summary - in Norwegian only
Full report - in Norwegian only

Commissioned by Innovation Norway, the project has made an assessment of the usefulness of collecting available statistics in a web-based tourism monitor. A review of user needs and available statistics shows that a monitor covering various aspects of the tourism sector can be both comprehensive and cover many people's needs for statistics. At the same time, modern tools and automated processes for data acquisition and processing make the threshold relatively low for establishing and operating such a monitor. One should let demand and resource use govern how much one wants to include further processing and facilitation if one wants to expand beyond a basic version of the available statistics.


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