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Low Emission Zones. Measures to decrease emissions of NO2

Authors: Harald Aas, Rolf Hagman, Silvia Johanne Olsen, Jardar Andersen, Astrid Helene Amundsen
Report nr: 1216/2012
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1357-0
Language: Norwegian
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Several of the largest cities in Norway are experiencing excess levels of atmospheric NO2. Today's diesel cars with particulate filters emit 40-70 times more NO2 than an equivalent petrol car. These vehicles make up around 70-75 per cent of new car sales in Norway, and will be on the market until the Euro 6 requirements are introduced in 2015. Incentives to reduce the sales of such cars in favour of petrol and hybrid cars may improve the air quality in cities. Another measure is to replace diesel buses with gas driven ones. If these measures are not sufficient to comply with the limits for NO2, low emission zones may be considered. But such zones may be perceived as so restrictive that it would be difficult to gain acceptance for their implementation.


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