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Knowledge base for walking strategies

Authors: Oddrun Helen Hagen, Aud Tennøy, Marianne Knapskog
Report nr: 1688/2019
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-2221-3
Language: Norwegian
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Walking as a means of transport is becoming increasingly relevant. In this report, we have gathered and summarized knowledge about themes The Urban Environment Agency in the City of Oslo needed in preparation of their walking strategy, and which we believe may be of use to other municipalities when they prepare their walking strategies. In the report we review knowledge about walking strategies and other strategies that can contribute to increased walking and what is (most) important for making people walk more. Furthermore, we summarize knowledge about how the concrete design of infrastructure, including its operation and maintenance, affects the experience of walking. Finally, we summarize some key research needs when it comes to walking strategies and how the design of the built environment affects walking.


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