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Impact of taxi market regulation - an international comparison

Authors: Jon-Terje Bekken, Frode Longva
Report nr: 658/2003
ISBN: 82-480-0357-4
Language: English
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As part of a wider survey into the UK taxi market, TØI has made an international comparison of the impacts of regulations on taxis markets. The report clearly shows a great variety in regulations, regulatory changes and outcomes of such. The major experiences from deregulation, both of entry and fares, are increased availability, increased fares and an increased focus on qualitative requirements. Different market characteristics and different external effects can explain some of the differences. The impacts of regulatory changes are most pronounced at cabstands and in the hailing segments. Furthermore, there are geographical differences. In rural areas the availability do not increase as much as in urban areas, whereas fares increase more. The major lesson to learn from different experiences is that regulatory changes should be made with a stepwise approach. Combined with monitoring, this allows a better tailoring of the regulatory changes


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