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Fatal road accidents and the Vision Zero

Authors: Ingeborg Storesund Hesjevoll, Fridulv Sagberg, Alena Katharina Høye, Rune Elvik
Report nr: 1887/2022
ISBN (digital version): 978-82-480-1932-9
Language: Norwegian
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According to Norway’s Vision Zero, the responsibility of road users involve avoiding deliberate violations of rules and regulations. Hence, when deliberate, dangerous and illegal actions contribute to fatal accidents, these accidents can be considered to be “outside of system boundaries”, i.e. a transgression of the main premise of Vision Zero. Based on in-depth accident investigations, fatal road accidents from 2017-2020 were classified as inside or outside system boundaries, based on whether deliberate, dangerous and illegal behaviour contributed to the accident occurrence, or to accident severity. Forty percent of fatal accidents were classified as outside of system boundaries. Numerous differences in accident characteristics were identified. Differences in contributing factors in crashes outside vs. inside system boundaries have implications for which countermeasures have the largest potential for preventing each of those two categories of crashes.


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